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About us

We are a digital asset management company that provides advisory services to the clients to achieve their investment objectives. Our services are conducted by multiple proprietary algorithmic trading programs, backed by our own optimized computing, network, and data infrastructures. Despite the low risk nature of our automated trading algorithms, we remain fully transparent to the clients on issues of asset allocation, risk tolerance, and real-time profit-and-loss statements. We do not take custody of clients’ assets - our access permission to clients’ accounts will be limited to trading solely, without withdrawal rights. We uphold integrity above the objective to make money.


The members of our team are highly skilled in both algorithmic trading and software engineering, and have professional experience in industry leading companies. We witnessed the ups and downs of crypto. We have a presence on most of the major exchanges across multiple trading pairs, with consistently high performance through all market conditions. With the first class know-how in crypto business and nonstop innovation, we are able to deliver satisfactory returns to the clients.


Client information is treated as confidential and will not be disclosed except as required by law. All of our trading activities are conducted in compliance with applicable law or regulation. Currently, we charge a fixed amount of management fee on a quarterly basis. Any change in the fee structure shall be discussed with clients beforehand. 

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